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Dear Taxpayers!

One of your fundamental rights is to receive free-of-charge information about taxes and tax legislation pertaining to declaration and payment of tax liabilities. Our web presentation will enable you to exercise this right in the simplest and most expedient manner, providing you access to the information, as well as all current issues within the scope of work of Tax Administration.

The purpose of this web presentation is to help you, the Republic of Srpska taxpayers, gain better understanding of your rights and obligations. Information available on the page serves only as a guiding tool through the tax system and as such does not constitute the official opinion, i.e. the Tax Administration cannot assume responsibility for any conduct or action resulting from the content provided herein. Notwithstanding our task to bring the technical errors, which might occur as a consequence of using the page, down to a minimum, the Tax Administration cannot guarantee that our internet services will stay uninterrupted or without technical difficulties at all times.

In addition, please note that Tax Administration of Republic of Srpska has no oversight, and for that matter cannot assume any responsibility for any content published on other internet pages posted on our web presentation as useful links. However, the disclaimer pertaining to cases referred to herein shall not diminish our responsibility in regards to action taken in line with legislation, nonetheless, it is our duty to inform you about the scope and purpose of this web presentation and its proper use.

In case you request specific advice, you can always contact Tax Administration’s authorized staff or send e-mail to kontakt@poreskaupravars.org. Hoping this web presentation will help taxpayers exercise their rights more simply we remain,

Sincerely Yours!

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